A New Era in Produce Excellence

At ScanTech Sciences we’re on a mission to support the entire produce supply chain – from growers and packers to wholesalers, distributors and retailers – deliver fresher, more delectable fruits and vegetables.

It all starts by improving produce safety and quality with our patented Electronic Cold-PasteurizationTM (ECPTM). Then we add comprehensive logistics services so you maintain cold chain integrity, as well as information services that provide shipment visibility, all while reducing FSMA and FSVP compliance costs.

By combining E-beam treatment with improved operational efficiencies you can maximize sell-time. And that’s a profitable payoff.

Faster time to Retail
Faster time to retail
Shelf life extension
Longer shelf-life
Case level traceability
Case-level traceability
lower compliance costs
Lower compliance costs

“In addition to certifying the process as 100% safe for consumers, the FDA continues to advocate food irradiation as the new gold standard in food treatment.”

Lara Sowinski
Food Logistics Magazine