Delighting Consumers with Higher Quality, Longer Lasting Produce

Are you tired of loss and spoilage in the Produce department? That’s why we help retailers ensure food safety and quality with next generation E-beam treatment.

By replacing outdated fumigation, methyl bromide and hot water treatment with irradiation, we substantially prolong shelf-life without harming taste, color, odor, texture or the environment. Our Electronic Cold-PasteurizationTM (ECPTM) treatment and integrated logistics services increase quality sell-time for retailers, while extending shelf-life for consumers.

With our state-of-the-art handling and engineering systems and climate-controlled facility, we make sure to maintain cold chain integrity and improve operational efficiency.  And you benefit from synchronized supply chain processes that provide case-level visibility from farm to border to store. By aligning supply with demand using our comprehensive logistics services you can improve supply chain visibility while reducing FSMA and FSVP compliance costs.

E-beam Benefits for Retailers

lower compliance costs
Significantly reduce shrink
Faster time to Retail
Faster time to stores
Increase profits
better quality
Safer, better quality food
Case level traceability
Improve shipment visibility
Shelf life extension
Extend shelf-life

“In addition to certifying the process as 100% safe for consumers, the FDA continues to advocate food irradiation as the new gold standard in food treatment.”

Lara Sowinski
Food Logistics Magazine