Increase Quality with E-beam Processing

Are you frustrated with today’s post-harvest phytosanitary treatment options?  It’s time to replace outdated fumigation, methyl bromide and hot water treatment. Our fast, clean, green technology significantly extends shelf-life without harming taste, color, odor, texture or the environment.

At ScanTech Sciences, we use a patented Electronic Cold-PasteurizationTM (ECPTM) process that moves fruits, vegetables and herbs through a shower of electrons for only milliseconds on a high-speed conveyor.  Approved by the USDA and FDA, our treatment process maintains cold chain integrity. By combining next generation E-beam technology and comprehensive logistics services, we provide the first class care needed to ensure safer, better quality food.

E-beam Benefits for Growers and Packers

Exterminate pests
Reduce pathogens
Diminish losses during treatment
Boost export yield
Expedite border clearance
Speed time to market
Allow time for vine-ripening
Extend shelf-life

“Keeping products at the appropriate temperature helps maintain the quality of our produce.”

Alberto Diaz
President, Premium Guava