Food Safety Directors

Improving Food Safety and Quality
with Irradiation

Radura symbolToday the food industry is under more pressure than ever before to ensure food safety and quality. As the leading developer and operator of E-beam food treatment systems, we proudly replace dangerous chemicals and reduce pathogens in fruits and vegetables with safer electron beam processing.

Our patented Electronic Cold-PasteurizationTM (ECPTM) processing uses a high energy form of irradiation to treat foods for insect infestation, bacteria, mold and pathogens - replacing out-dated fumigation, methyl bromide and hot water treatment. Fresh fruits and vegetables move on a high-speed conveyor, traveling through the E-beam for mere milliseconds. The entire process takes place in a temperature-controlled facility, so cold chain integrity is maintained. Products can also be treated in final retail packaging without damaging or discoloring the packaging.

The highly focused and precise beams of electrons eliminate 99% of foodborne pests and pathogens. Better yet, our patented electron beam significantly extends shelf-life without harming taste, color, odor, texture or the environment.

E-beam Benefits for Food Safety

Pest Control - Phytosanitary Control
Pest sterilization
Pathogen reduction
Pathogen reduction
better quality
Safer, better quality food
Reduce brand risk and liability
Case level traceability
Provides unprecedented case-level traceability
lower compliance costs
Reduces FSMA and FSVP compliance risks and costs

“I’ve worked in food safety for over twenty years, and I’ve never been more excited about a technology than I am about ScanTech Sciences’ Electronic Cold-Pasteurization for the produce industry. It is going to revolutionize postharvest food treatment because it replaces chemical fumigation, extends product shelf life, and acts as a log reduction on pathogens”

Mike Bentel
Food Safety Management Advisors, Inc.