The Secret to Premium Produce

Ensure safety and improve quality with our patented Electronic Cold-Pasteurization™ (ECP™)

Maximize Quality Sell-Time

Extend shelf-life by combining E-beam treatment with improved operational efficiencies

A Fresh Approach to Food Safety and Compliance

Achieve case-level traceability while reducing FSMA and FSVP compliance costs

Single Source for Integrated Logistics

Lower costs and maintain cold chain integrity

An Epic Breakthrough in Food Quality

ScanTech Sciences improves food safety and quality with Electronic Cold-Pasteurization (ECP). By combining our patented E-beam treatment with logistics services, we help the entire food chain – from growers and packers to distributors and retailers – deliver fresher, higher quality fruits and vegetables.

Pest Control - Phytosanitary Control
Phytosanitary control

Ensure safety and quality from farm to border to store by controlling harmful pests with ECP.

Pathogen reduction
Pathogen reduction

Reduce risk by eliminating 99.9% of bacteria and pathogens with our clean E-beam treatment.

Shelf life extension
Shelf life extension

Maximize quality sell-time and minimize shrink with ECP treatment and more efficient supply chain operations.


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic and an Increased Need for Safe Food

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ScanTech Sciences attending several Conferences and Trade Shows in 2021

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ScanTech Sciences featured in Food Technology Magazine

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ScanTech Sciences is dedicated to helping growers, customs brokers, wholesalers and retailers improve safety and quality across the produce supply chain. With our patented Electronic Cold-Pasteurization™ (ECP™) and comprehensive logistics services, we extend shelf-life, enhance visibility and reduce compliance costs.